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Green Gables Vineyard

Our Wines

Green Gables Vines has a select number of wines that we have crafted in small lots to ensure that our wines’ optimum quality and flavour is nurtured to its fullest.

We have also vinted, bottled and cellared wines from one of Niagara’s premier vineyards just to add variety and some additional Canadian flavour for your palate.

Our red wine at Green Gables Vines is made from Frontenac and Sabrevois grapes that are hand picked from our own vineyard. Additional wines are made from Delisle, Louise Swenson, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reisling and Chardonney.

For this season the selection available for sale is limited to only 3 red wines:

Dance with Me: Merlot wine aged in neutral barrel

Cabin Fever: A Cabernet Sauvignon aged in neutral barrel.

Filled to the Rafters: Merlot wine with full Oak aging

Blushing Daisy: Off dry Rose made with our Sabrevois Grapes

Strawberry Swirl: Mix of our white grapes with Sabrevois Rose and real strawberry for a unique strawberry taste and nose

Honey I am Home: White wine made from our 5 variety of white grapes with a touch of sweetness

It would be our pleasure to let you experience the results of our winemaking through our tastings.

*Our tastings are FREE with the purchase of one bottle! And all our wines are priced at $15.00, which includes all taxes and bottle deposit.*

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