Pioneers in Ottawa Area Viniculture

Green Gables Vineyard

About Us

We have taken over this labour of love from the former Green Gables Winery.

We have a passion for growing good quality grapes and turning it into great wine. There is a lot to do but we look forward to the challenge.

What makes Green Gables so special?

This vineyard is established in a part of Canada that’s better known for its harsh winters than as a grape growing region. However, our vineyard is planted with vines that have been carefully selected to thrive in our special microclimate. You can rent a small part of it and experience all the steps involved in running your own vineyard!

Why is it called Green Gables Vines?

The name reflects the original homestead that is on the site. It is a traditional Victorian farmhouse complete with green gables and white gingerbread trim. Our name honours the pioneer men and women who first cleared this land and built the homestead.

We take pride in the fact that we can offer all the joys of having your own vineyard with all of the charm of a country setting. We're very near, yet very far away from it all! Come and share the experience…we’re on your doorstep!

Tastings / Wine and Cheese Reservations

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